Agreement Dynamics Success Signals

Discover the secrets of problem solving and conflict resolution in a way that makes your relationships stronger and more lasting. RESOLVE offers not only the mechanics of a successful approach, but also interpersonal communication, creativity and relational building techniques that are essential to solving differences. The emphasis is on how to build trust, respect, understanding and esteem. It also provides tools to solve problems based on the needs of the people involved, so that decisions have buy-in and support. This workshop has been tested and refined in the field over a 20-year period and has been successfully used by more than 500 organizations with a multitude of applications, including problem solving, conflict reduction, multi-party agreement negotiations and more creative decision-making. Some people seem to have a “magic touch” that allows them to do things and build strong relationships. They seem to communicate effectively with everyone and inspire others to follow them. In fact, it is not magic; these capabilities can be developed. Participants in this course learn more about unique communication styles, read communication cues in their interactions and react, explore how communication style can help or hinder leadership, acquire the keys to a successful leadership style, and use style to increase leadership effectiveness. Understanding communication and style techniques to make a meeting more effective – How to structure a meeting for success – Process tools to solve problems, create ideas, analyze and consensually (in real time) – Collaborative decision tools – Collaborative decision tools – Effective tools for obtaining information – Techniques to help “difficult to use” But in most areas , we tend to operate with more than one style of communication.

However, most of us emit signals that are generally dominant in a “color” in a given situation. To interpret another person`s communication signals, Hilyer offered the acronym for OAE… Just as each of us has a unique way of communicating, we also have privileged ways to give and receive recognition. Understanding your style of recognition and that of others is essential to your success. It`s also fun and easy if you recognize the 52 ways to see with the style deck of cards, which is packed with helpful tips. The Deck contains an educational card game called “I`ve Got Style” and a recognition style profile to learn more about you and your team settings. This RESOLVE workshop has been specially designed for work and management, in order to get more of what everyone wants from contract negotiations – including a healthier working relationship and mutually beneficial agreements. Key Factors for Successful Response to Changes- How to Turn Unwanted Changes into Useful Changes – The Essential Steps to Make Change Happen for You and Others in Your Organization – How to Survive and Thrive in the Midst of Personal Change – Communicate to Get More Of What You Want From Others – Avoid the Most Common Conflicts in EveryDay Life – Build Successful Teams with The Success Signal – Respect for What You Want communicate very differently from you – Create win-win situations with your employer, co-workers and family, which are broadcast on public television channels, the show`s author, Rhonda Hilyer, presents her much-loved studio workshop to a live studio audience. Powerful and practical approaches to the success of communication are presented with compelling examples of humour and humour. This is an important addition to your success signal library, so order your copy today. “75 per cent of conflicts are usually due to differences in the nature of the supply and not by the content itself,” noted Leadership Training Institute coach Rhonda Hilyer. “It doesn`t matter how important your message or proposal may be if others can`t understand what you`re saying is true