Appsflyer Data Processing Agreement

What: All sessions of the app require the user`s consent to record events and data during a How session: For the session opt-out scenario, the first SDK call comes after the user accepts or refuses to have the data sent from his device. At a glance: As a customer (app owner), use the SDK appsFlyer to send attribution data to AppsFlyer. However, you may need to stop or restrict data sending due to user requests from the app, opt-in/opt-out and privacy rules such as the RGPD and CCAC. What: The app requires the user`s consent to record events during all meetings. If the user accepts the recording (for example. B user over a certain age), the application calls the start method SDK. Otherwise, the startup method should not be called If the user agrees to send data, the start-up tracking method should be called. If the user refuses to send the data, the stoptracking method should be called. On 25 May 2018, the European Union began implementing a new data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which replaces the old Data Protection Directive. One of the priority objectives of the RGPD is to give EU citizens greater control over their personal data and data collected about them.

All concerned have the right to limit the processing of their data. When the persons concerned use this right, the persons responsible for processing must stop processing the personal data of the persons concerned in all circumstances, including the removal of users from any direct marketing. The right to delete requires app owners to delete personal data within one month of receiving the request. The laws of some legal systems may grant end-users different rights related to the processing of end-user data, including: If you have an unresolved privacy or data usage issue that we have not dealt with satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at Data sent to AppsFlyer: no data is sent. If the user then sends the data from the assignment and sessions from the time the startup process is called. If AppsFlyer is considered responsible for the data, end-users can exercise their rights by contacting AppsFlyer at: We will respond to your requests within a reasonable time. Please note that these rights may be limited in certain circumstances, as required by current legislation. In any case, AppsFlyer offers end-users the option to disable the measurement by the services by sending a request to by email or by filling out the form here.

You can also ask questions about your human rights exercise at AppsFlyer has taken appropriate technical and organizational steps to ensure that only the personal data necessary for all of the Service`s specific objectives is processed by default, in accordance with our customers` instructions and configuration. Allows app users to correct their data if they find it to be inaccurate or false. App owners must delete or correct inaccurate or incomplete data. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our data protection officer, please email us at: You can also send us a regular mail or to our data protection delegate: What: The owner of the application collects all the attribution data, but wants to collect all the additional information, such as. B in-app events or session data, as uninsured organic data. After installation, all device identifiers are made anonymous when they are installed