Beaconhills Agreement

Each student receives a university email address. It is usually in the format. This email account should only be used for study-related communications. It should not be used as a general communication tool. Each part of the school has an agreement on the authorized use, formulated in a language adapted to each age group. Each agreement is distributed through CareMonkey and for years 3 to 12, students and a parent are expected to sign the agreement each year. For parents, it is worth discussing and explaining the agreement with their child. However, please note that students should use Safari to access the Internet and use the messaging app for their emails. eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent harassment and cyber-harassment. ESmart Schools and Libraries are custom-designed and have been designed to bring about change in this specific environment. Viatek supports most of the pressure equipment at Beaconhills College and gives the DT department the freedom to focus on smarter projects that improve productivity on campuses.

Monthly financing contracts were reduced from five contracts to a single contract and from 23 individual service contracts to a managed print services contract, which reduced the time it took to manage contracts and lender activity. In dollar terms, the total cost of printing Beaconhills College has decreased by about 17% per month. Viatek is also helping Beaconhills College achieve its sustainable development goals, including a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% from 2009 levels and not to dump waste in landfills by the end of 2015 by installing energy-efficient Fuji Xerox and Hewlett-Packard products that support recycling, reuse and restoration at the end of the program by our warehousecyrecling. The integration of the telecommunications system into the college`s information technology has significantly improved communications, particularly for employees moving from campus to campus. You can receive voicemail in the form of emails and redirect phones to mobile phones. The system is flexible, easy to manage and reliable. Pre-recorded voicemail messages have been prepared to optimize processes in an emergency. If a link breaks down, the phone system simply switches to the other server and communication is maintained, which means the university has no downtime due to connection problems. Beaconhills College uses a series of social media platforms to communicate with parents and the general public. But this medium has its own sentences of protocols and problems.