Securities Exchange Agreement

In addition, the agreements in this section 4 (a) do not apply to the application of the national exchange agreement on the date or date of this note, by and between the company, the owner and the other parties. References in this document and other notes to the Securities Exchange Agreement, “this Agreement,” “hereunder,” “hereof” or words such as the same import relating to the stock exchange agreement are and are a reference to the securities exchange agreement amended here. In accordance with the exchange agreement, the company agreed to acquire a 100% interest in IEGC for 272,447,137 common shares of the company after taking effect a 1 for 6 Counter-6. Except in its amended version, the agreement on stock exchanges and other documents are fully in force. In order to fulfill a obligation under the Securities Exchange Agreement, Waterton Nevada has indicated its intention to abandon these claims and, in response, Waterton Nevada has indicated its intention to exercise its right to assume the assignment of the rights at face value. May 20, 1997 scholarship contract between HSN, Inc. On March 13, 2013, the Company completed the acquisition of IEGC pursuant to the terms of the exchange agreement and sold 272,447,137 common shares of the Company to IEG after the Reverse Split Stock came into effect, in which the company obtained a 100% interest in IEGC. Zoro now owns senior mineral concessions at Piedra Parada on more than 2,100 hectares and has overspoiled concessions on an additional 1,500 hectares in Piedra Parada, which are subject to the senior rights of a third. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the amended and amended exchange agreement and the conclusion of this agreement, the Company acquired 99% of Salico`s shares from the owners in exchange for the issuance of 10,494,000 common shares to these holders for an assumed value of $3,148,200. We will conclude the Series B scholarship agreement with SEACOR before the Series B exchange. This scholarship contract has been approved by all necessary business measures.