Breaking Agreement With The Enemy

If you invite Jesus into your wounds, it is so beautiful that Jesus will often show you — not every time, but more than you expect — what He is doing; You`ll see it coming. Call Him with your mind or Christ with your imagination, or see with the eyes of your heart or mind, whatever description you want. You will often see Christ return to your past. He can take you by the hand and get you out of this room. You might see him walking between you and the one who hurt you, or he might just say, “You`re forgiven, you`re sure I love you.” As long as we`re on the subject of words, my encouragement for the words you speak? Remove words like “never” and “always” from your vocabulary, because every time you use one of these words in a negative context, you make agreements with the enemy. For example: “I will never feel better.” Have you already said it? It`s a lie, and if you say it, you make a deal with the enemy. What about “I will always have health problems” Guess what? You just made a deal with the enemy and you invited him! Don`t be surprised if you still have health problems. God himself told Moses to go to Pharaoh, but he was still arguing with God about his abilities. On the way, Moses had to accept the idea that he could neither speak nor lead, and he tried to convince the one who gave him these gifts. Isaiah 8:10 Take counsel together, and he will lead to nothing; Speak the word, and it will not stand: for God is with us. Please, spirit of truth, reveal to me, show me the agreements I have made. Spirit of God, seek me, know me, reveal to me the agreements I have made in this area.

I renounce these agreements. [Be very specific.] I waive the agreement that [What is it? “I will never be free?” “Anger is only a part of me?” “It`s too late?”] I break these agreements in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I don`t need her. I renounce all the claims they have made to the enemy in my life. Jesus, my Betmmerer, come and break these fortresses. Let me free myself in this very place. It is an exercise in prayer to break the agreements we have made with the enemy. You ask God to reveal these agreements to you. If he reveals them. Break it.

They will come to you in prayer, sometimes in phrases in your hearing like “you are an idiot like that”. It can be a feeling and God will remind you of a persistent feeling of shame, guilt, or fear. Sometimes you remember a scene and you re-play it in your head. Maybe it`s a father`s injury scene, something an older brother did to you or against you, an injury to your mother or a grandparent, teacher, coach, boss or an old friend. You will bring this scene back to yourself in vivid detail. Other solutions are uncovered – what are the phrases you constantly say to yourself? You know, your own conversation, things you thought were the only one talking. “You`re a dud.” “You`ll never mix well.” “You are a disappointment.” “You can never do anything right,” etc. Even though some of these comments were meant to “protect” or “lead” you in some way, many of those who have made their own agreements and who, consciously or unconsciously, stand in the way of your vocation. I renounce any agreement that I have entered into with anxiety, agreements that I have concluded with certainty and control. Forgive me for that…