Tipp Agreements

As has already been pointed out, TTIP is one of the many agreements negotiated by the EU, but it is not just another. If the objective of concluding the negotiations is achieved and it enters into force – once it has been approved by the Council, the European Parliament and ratified by the Member States and the United States – it will be the most important agreement, both for the EU and for the United States, and its implementation will influence the future of world trade and investment. The EU is currently negotiating agreements with industrialised and emerging Asian countries, among the most important with Japan and China. While the United States, in turn, is following the same path as the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. If you specify the same checking account information for all your TIPP agreements, your monthly payments will be consolidated and withdrawn into a single transaction. In May 2013, between the date of the declarations and the date of the european Council`s mandate to the Commission, the final election of the candidate for the post of Director-General of the World Trade Organisation took place. Herminio Blanco, the Mexican liberal candidate, negotiator of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), supported by the United States and the EU, succumbed to the Brazilian candidate Roberto Azevêdo, strongly supported by developing countries. Although there is no direct link between the two events, it is certain that, since 2001, the WTO Doha Round — who are tasked with eliminating barriers to trade through multilateral agreements — has increased bilateral and regional agreements and that the WTO`s multilateral negotiations have stalled. The problems facing the negotiations were enormous. The failure of the WTO Millennium Round in Seattle in 1999 should be complemented by the new Doha Round in Qatar in November 2001. Seattle was the place where the movements known as “anti-globalization” or “alter-globalization” that oppose free trade began. They were consolidated at the parallel World Social Forum, held for the first time in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January 2001, and protests and alternative proposals accompanied the Doha Round ministerial meetings and other bilateral and multilateral negotiations on free trade and property rights related to international trade.

With globalization, the issue of intellectual property rights has taken on great importance. The Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) introduced intellectual property issues into the economy.